5/25/16 Video Files For Nadine and Check Cashing
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Sexy St. Pete Waitress Tries Hypnosis
Running Time (17:00)
Gasparillia 2016 Hypnotized Clip A
Running Time (6:33) Clip A
Gasparillia 2016 Hypnotized Clip B
Running Time (13:00) Clip B
Classic Waitresses Hypnotized
18 Minutes Running Time
Two Chicken Waitress Hypnotized Classic.
What are your favorite shows ?
Bartender gives Hypnosis a GO...but Hopefully
Next Show....Music was to loud she said.
22 Minutes Running Time
Downtown Bartender Hypnotized
Bike Nite Hypnotized
34 Minutes Running Time
8 minute induction,fire under hand, mouth numb, body
stiff and rigid, bank robber and other funny stuff
Gasparillia 2016 Hypnotized Clip C
Battery Goes Dead Running Time (22:00) Clip C
Vietnamese Waitress Hypnotized
Running Time (38:00)
Nadine Hypnotized
Check Cashing Store Hypnotized
27 minutes running Time
22 minutes running Time